Electric Make up Brush Cleaner SALE

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  • Did you know that without cleaning your makeup brushes it gathers more bacteria than your toilet brush? Gross!
  • Do you clean your makeup brushes? No?
  • Who can blame you, when it's hard, messy and takes hour to dry... Right? WRONG!


  • 3 IN 1 FUNCTIONS - 1.Suit for most type makeup brushes (from diameter 4~30 mm) clean and dry; 2.Less harmful to our makeup brushes; 3.Can be act as a makeup brush organizer which can hold 8 Pcs brushes.
  • EASY TO USE AND MORE EFFECTIVE - Just THREE quick steps to clean makeup brushes:1. Attach the brush to the spinner; 2. Pour water and soap into the bowl; 3. Dip & spin to clean, raise & spin to dry.
  • TOP QUALITY MATERIALS - Made from high grade materials to ensure long-lasting use.


  1. Install the connector and the electric turn pen
  2. Prepare suitable silicone case
  3. Install the batteries (Not included in the package)
  4. Connect the silicone sleeve and makeup brushes
  5. Connect the silicone sleeve, makeup brushes and electric pen
  6. Then you can press the button to rotate makeup brush
  7. Place makeup brush in the plastic cylinder to rotate and clean(You should put some water into the plastic cylinder)
  8. After cleaning,you can rotate in the air to dry the makeup brushes, just few seconds, it will be dry and clean, like a new brushes

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