Eyelash Growth Serum


Grow your eyelashes up to 2mm after 7 days!

Brief Description:
1. The only effective free sale eyelash extension liquid approved by FDA;
2. healthy & safe, no drug, no harm;
3. the cheapest eyelash growth mascara in the global market;
4. users can expect to experience longer, fuller and darker eyelashes in as early as 7 days.

Detailed Description
Eyelash Growth Serum is a 100% pure natural and botanical formula, it has no any drugs and side effect but can take good care of eyelashes and make it longer and more attractive! Therefore, it can solve the eyelash problem fundamentally with most effective and safe way! Eyelash Growth Serum adopts the advanced researching and producing technology. Meanwhile, with the world's leading Micro-molecule disposing technology, a unique eyelash growth factory -XX has been added in the formula, which truly fulfills the goal of making eyelash grow and bush naturally and healthily and put an end to the problem of other normal eyelash products maintain that the nutrition element can be hardly absorbed; fat granule be easily shaped; and sensitive skin hardly adapted etc. Eyelash Growth Serum is the only effective and healthy eyelash growth products approved by FDA.

Apply fully in the base of the eyelashes, DO NOT apply on the eylashes itself.

1 time per night, after cleansing. Use bristles to extract the eyelash growth liquid, smear from the eyelash root ministry to the top. Use twice a day, AM and PM, for more visible results.
For general users, in as short as 7 days, you can feel the eyelash grow thick and black. Use it for 16 weeks and you can fully feel the effect. In order to maintain the effect, need sustainable use. If you don't use continuously, in a few weeks or a few months (hair growth cycle), eyelash will revert back to its original state.

Color: Transparent

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