Flower Lipstick - Magic Color Change Temperature

$30.95 $36.95

"I was pleasantly surprised by this lipstick. It goes on very light and moist, yet stays in place for hours and hours. I once fell asleep with it on :( and when I woke up it was still perfectly in place! I love the way the color looks on me, and I understand that it will look slightly different on everyone. I love it and I will definitely buy again!". Stacey
  • This lipstick is known as the most beautiful lipstick in the world!
  • Uniquely gorgeous: Clear, gold-flaked jelly lipsticks, each one featuring a tiny dried flower inside
  • Once it is applied to lips, the clear jelly lipstick transforms into a lovely transparent pink gloss
  • The color may change depending on your body temperature, staying lighter if you are cool, and deeper if you are warm

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