Forever Love Ring


This Forever Love ring is made in 18k gold tone and silver tone.  Hand-crafted to a standard perfection. The gold and silver construction emits radiant shine on and on. Secure fit promises carefree wear. Made of Titanium Stainless Steel.
Surface Width: 6mm
Material: Stainless steel
Gender: Men/women
Color: As the pictures shown
Weight: Men style about 6g, women style about 3g
Men Style Size:
Size                            Diameter              Perimeter
LKNSPCR095-6        16.5mm/0.62in      51.9mm/2.04in
LKNSPCR095-7        17.3mm/0.68in      54.5mm/2.14in
LKNSPCR095-8        18.1mm/0.71in      57mm/2.24in
LKNSPCR095-9        18.9mm/0.74in      59.5mm/2.34in
LKNSPCR095-10      19.8mm/0.78in       62.1mm/2.44in

Women Style Size:
Size                             Diameter             Perimeter
LKNSPCR096-6        16.5mm/0.62in      51.9mm/2.04in
LKNSPCR096-7        17.3mm/0.68in      54.5mm/2.14in
LKNSPCR096-8        18.1mm/0.71in      57mm/2.24in
LKNSPCR096-9        18.9mm/0.74in      59.5mm/2.34in
LKNSPCR096-10      19.8mm/0.78in       62.1mm/2.44in
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